Work, Work, Work, Work

You guys know I’m a writer in my everyday life, right? I’m also a powerlifter, and a CrossFitter, but I don’t make a living off fitness – I’m a copywriter, and I’m trying to write a children’s book.

I’m often surprised at how the two areas overlap. Lulls in inspiration coincide with weeks of tough workouts. Challenges in one aspect of my life are mirrored by challenges in the other. Luckily, solutions can often be applied across the board as well.

Anne Lamott – who I kind of idolize, I admit – recently tweeted that “The proportion of drudgery to inspiration, for me, is roughly 3.5 weeks of plain old hard writing, to 7 minutes inspiration.”

This was part of a series of tweets about the importance of just putting in the work: locking yourself to your desk and getting the words onto the page. There’s no secret formula and no tricks. You just have to keep doing it, over and over, even when you don't want to. Especially when you don't want to. 

Sound familiar to any CrossFitters out there?

One of the cardinal rules of CrossFit is that you have to just show up. Consistency is everything.

The moment after a PR is an amazing one. You feel accomplished, proud, animated, validated.

It’s also fleeting. It’s over before you even realize it.

Those PRs are probably the reason you keep coming back to the box, day after day. Improvement isn’t defined by those moments, though.

You get better in every other session. Every minute of just pure, grinding, put-your-head-down-and-do-it work.

That kind of grunt work usually isn't sexy, and it isn't always fun. But it's necessary. And it's character building. 

I've learned that if you're looking for a distraction, you'll find one. There will always be a new Instagram feed to scroll back through, or a new BuzzFeed article to gawk over. The thing is, there won't always be time for you to achieve the things you want to. You should probably get started. 

Believe me - I'm a master procrastinator and the queen of working under pressure. Anyone can change. I have faith in you. 

The pain of taking the first step will be far outweighed by the pleasure of the reward. I promise.