New Month, New Me (Sort Of)

Okay, not quite a new me. Still, the same me is entering her second full week at our new gym, Studeo55. That means new coaches, fresh programming, and a different routine. 

Not long ago, I wrote about making the switch to morning sessions. That, at least, has stayed the same. The switch to 6:00am training went smoothly, and I decided to keep it up at the new gym. Morning sessions lets me start my day in my favourite way, keeps my schedule synced up with Damien's, and frees up time if I want a second workout later on. Win-win. 

(I'm also staying consistent with morning nutrition. A half-scoop of protein and a few cups of coconut water break the fast well for me. I'm satiated enough to get through the workout, but not stuffed or uncomfortable.) 

Everything else, though, has changed. 

I followed Ben Bergeron's Comp Train programming at the gym I previously trained at, and I had no complaints. I love his programming; the workouts were challenging and it was a perfect mix of gymnastics, strength, and conditioning. 

The only downside? I was training alone. That was fine when I already knew everyone at my gym, and had the space to do so. Studeo is a different story. 

I'm a big believe in the community aspect of CrossFit, but it's hard to get to know people when you're hiding in a corner doing your own workout. There's no better way to make a friend than to suffer alongside them in a tough WOD. 

Which is exactly why I decided to try the Studeo programming, and join in the classes - at least for a few weeks. 

Good, good decision. Studeo's programming has been fantastic so far. My aerobic capacity and endurance are already improving; even the warmup is making me fitter (I'm a sweaty mess by the time we're 10 minutes in). 

I think I'll eventually supplement the programming with a few strength sessions per week, but that's just my own desire to work the weaknesses. Overall, my experience with Studeo has been really positive. 

(Plus, they have fancy change rooms and showers and water-bottle service. Water bottle service, guys.

Yes, change can be hard. I miss the people at my old box. I miss the space (Studeo's classes are packed). I miss the comfort that comes from growing with a place, and becoming a part of the family there. 

Whenever I'm feeling nostalgic about Tactix, I just remind myself that new challenges are good for growth. After all, CrossFit teaches you to be prepared for the Unknown and Unknowable. 

That's exactly what this change will do for me. It's a chance to freshen up my training and refocus. After all, you can't get better if you're always staying the same.