The Food Diaries: Monday Meal Prep

It's been a while since I did one of these! I was pretty lazy with our meal prep for a few weeks, which means we had a lot of tuna salads and leftovers (it happens, what can I say). 

Luckily, I was a little more organized this week. This meal prep is one my favourites. It covers all the bases; it's nutritionally dense, easy to prepare, satisfying, and very tasty. Win-win-win-win. 


Greek Skewers & Salad Bowls

1 package Greek Skoulakis Pork skewers (I'm not a huge fun of preseasoned meats, but the portions on these are so perfect that, in a pinch, I'll use them). 

2 cups white jasmine rice (literally any rice that you like to eat) 

1 large cucumber 

1 yellow pepper

1 red pepper

1/2 red onion 

1 head iceberg lettuce (I just love this for crunch and volume. I know traditional Greek salads don't include lettuce. Sue me.) 

Several tablespoons black olives 

Several tablespoons feta cheese 

Avocado oil 

Dried basil & oregano 

Salt & pepper 

Preheat your broiler. Get the rice cooking. 

Toss the skewers on a sheet pan, and get them under the broiler for 9-10 minutes per side. (COULD THIS GET EASIER?!) 

In the meantime, chop up all your veggies. 

In terms of Tupperwaring these for lunches during the week, I like to pack the meat and rice separately from the salads. Then I can heat up one Tupperware and mix it in with the cold, crunchy salad. So good. 

I drizzle about half a tablespoon of avocado oil in the bottom of the salad containers, then fill them with veggies. Each portion gets a handful of black olives. Mine are topped with 1 tbsp of feta cheese; Damien's are topped with 2 tablespoons, for some extra fats. 

As for meat and rice: my lunches get one skewer and about 3/4 cups of cooked rice. Damien's get 1.5 skewers and the remaining rice (about a cup and a half. 

These lunches keep well and provide a good hit of protein, carbs, and fat. Plus - so many veggies. All the micronutrients. Between this and the morning shakes I make us (protein powder, mixed berries, kale/spinach, ice), I think we're covering the veggie bases pretty well. 

To go alongside, we've got tons of fruit (mandarins, fresh strawberries, apples). Damien's client gave us some KIND bars awhile back, so we're still working through those. We have Babybells, too. 

I'm still not totally on top of the snack game, so let me know if you have favourites!