The WOD Diaries

GZCL Week 3

Day 1: SQUAT

4x3 @ 87% (205lbs)

2x5 @ 75% (175lbs)

2x5 front squats @ 75% (145lbs)

2x8 reverse lunges @ 135lbs

2x8 OH squats w/ 25lb plate



Day 2: OHP

4x3@ 85% (75lbs)

2x8 push press @ 75lbs  

2x8 push jerks @ 95lbs

3x8 barbell row @ 95lbs

3x8 lateral raises w/ 20lb dumbbells



4x3 @ 245lbs

4x5 @ 185lbs


Back squats 7 @ 65%, 5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%

4 rounds:

200m run

10 shoulder to overhead, 65lbs

10 pullups

10 wallballs, 20/14


Day 4: BENCH

4x3 @ 95lbs

4x5 @ 80lbs

3x8 closegrip bench @ 75lbs

2x8 barbell row @ 85lbs

2x8 KB strict press w/ 8kgs



Power snatch work: 3x1 @ 85%

Clean and jerk work @ 70%

Back squats: 3x3@ 80%



7 Rounds for Reps

6’ 25m shuttle runs

Snatches x Max Effort
This was an interval workout: athletes had one minute to complete 150m in shuttle runs, then complete as many snatches as possible in the time remaining. During a two minute rest, the athlete added weight to the bar. The athlete continued until they reached an interval that they couldn’t complete a single snatch.

Stay tuned for a full breakdown of how this workout turned out! (Spoiler alert: I’m currently in third, but that may change.)