This is What Happens When You Send CrossFitters on Vacation

Since Damien’s birthday and our anniversary are only days apart, we planned a celebratory weekend getaway to Victoria, B.C. (I say we, but really, I planned it. I love to plan, Damien loves to not plan, we’re a match made in heaven.)

On Friday morning we packed, made some protein pancakes (so good) and hit the road. We were in Victoria by 2:00, picked up our rental car by 2:30, and were restless by 3:00.

Since neither of us had trained that morning, the first order of business was finding a gym to drop in to. Victoria has three main CrossFit gyms: CrossFit Vic City, CrossFit Taranis, and CrossFit Zone.

Naturally, we went to all of them. 3 days, 2 nights, 3 gyms.

Vic City was first up. The coaches put us through some strict press work –an 8-minute EMOM of 1 strict press – and then had us do the Master’s qualifier. That was a 15 minute AMRAP of 55 double-unders, 15 chest-to-bar pull-ups, and 5 power cleans at 155/105.

It was an awesome start to the weekend. Graham, the coach, had a good eye and solid cues. He also used Dame as a guinea pig for a strict press demonstration, which I enjoyed. We both picked up some t-shirts as mementos, and then went on a mission to find dinner (aaaand I fell off my bike while trying to Instagram Damien on our way to a waterfront restaurant).

Despite sharing a pitcher at date night, we were ready for the next CrossFit challenge at 9am Saturday morning. So, we hit the next box – which ended up being just a few blocks away from our Airbnb.

CrossFit Taranis was probably my favourite of the weekend (even though they made me run, the bastards). It was a 9:00 am WOD of 5 rounds, 400m run and burpee muscle-ups. Damien powered through RX like a beast and I scaled to burpee-strict-pull-ups.

Taranis also let us stick around and get some strength work in afterwards. Damien and I ended up working at the same weight for some front squats – my 95%, which I hit for two doubles, and he hit for two sets of 15. Lol.

We spent the rest of the day alternating between exploring Victoria on foot, and eating. First up was brunch at Willie’s, then coffee breaks at Fol Epi, and ended the day with the most life-changing fish and chips at Red Fish Blue Fish. We also snuck sparkling cider into paper cups and drank on the wharf like we were 15. Such rebels.

I wasn’t planning on working out again Sunday morning, but we woke up feeling pretty fresh and CrossFit Zone had this super enticing workout description up on their site. Something about tires and yolks – a.k.a strongman shit – a.k.a something we wanted to be a part of.

When we showed up, it turned out that Damien had recently met and trained with the Zone coach at the Optimum Performance Training Athlete’s Camp I’d signed him up for a few weeks earlier (yes, best girlfriend ever, I am bowing). Sean and his wife Colleen were super nice – as were the rest of the crew working out – and took us through a whoooole lot of volume. We worked on snatches and snatch pulls for about 15 years, then got into a WOD made up of yolk carries, tire flips, hammer strikes, and suitcase carries. So much strongman. So much fun.

So – 3 boxes in 2.5 days. Not too shabby. 

Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted on the ferry back to Vancouver. We did have enough energy left to be respectably in awe of the pod of killer whales who decided to join our ferry route?! West Coast, you are not too bad.