The Food Diaries: Monday Meal Prep

As much as I love to cook, sometimes I just don't feel like spending my Sundays in the kitchen. That often coincides with days that are 20+ degrees and sunny - weird. 

We had some lofty ambitions for this weekend (pretty much all the fitness, swimming, a lot of cleaning and laundry, laying out, etc.). That meant meal prep had to be quick and dirty. 

These two recipes - paired with various smoothies, fruit, and Babybells - will get us through lunches and snacks for the first three days of the week. That's usually all I try and do at one time. This prep was done in under an hour, which left me with plenty of time to get back to the important weekend activities (like napping in the sun a la cat). 

Sesame Stir-Fry Thing

2 packages ground turkey

Tamari or soy or coconut aminos

Fresh ginger, minced


2 cloves garlic, pressed

Sesame oil

Sesame seeds

Mix all ingredients and let marinate for as long as you can (up to twelve hours, let’s not get too crazy).

Pan-fry until cooked. Top with sesame seeds. 

Serve on brown rice WITH:

Veggies on Veggies 

½ red cabbage, chopped

A lot of mushrooms, sliced

2 cups broccoli

Literally any other vegetables you have

Tamari or soy or coconut aminos

Coconut oil

Chili peppers (a sprinkle)

Sautee the vegetables in order of cook time (harder vegetables in the pan first, softer after). I only add enough soy/tamari to moisten the vegetables a bit and give them some flavor.

Each serving for Damien gets about a cup and a half of cooked brown rice, a bunch of veggies and about two cups of ground turkey. My servings are about 3/4s of his (I honestly just add slightly less rice and more vegetables to mine, because I operate well on a bit fewer carbs than he does).

This will feed us for three lunches each.


Chocolate Berry Chia Puddings

6 containers (I use 3 large jars for Dame and 3 small for me)

Chia seeds

Frozen berries

Chocolate protein powder

Almond milk

Coconut flakes


In Damien’s jars, I use 3 tablespoons of chia seeds, ½ a serving of chocolate protein powder, and about ¾ cup of almond milk. I mix it together well, then add in about a half a cup of frozen berries and mix to combine. Coconut and agave goes on top.

For mine, I use 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, ⅓ serving of protein, and about ½ cup almond milk. That’s sweet enough for me, so I skip the agave but add coconut. Gotta love coconut.  

(If I’m feeling wild, I also add shaved almonds if we have them, or chocolate chips.)