My First Solo Competition: How Did I Do?

Last weekend, I took part in the worldwide functional fitness competition known as Festivus Games. Festivus is a CrossFit event geared towards novice and intermediate athletes; it’s meant for all of us who have a competitive nature but aren’t quite repping out muscle-ups (yet).

I’ve competed in CrossFit before, but always as part of a team. I’ve never been solely responsible for not completely sucking out on the floor – I’m usually the least experienced on the team, which means I get to rely on the skill of my teammates a lot.

I knew competing individually would be a challenge. The workouts were tough, but I was more concerned about my morale throughout the day. My mental game isn’t as strong as it should be. I’m hard on myself to the point of ridiculousness, and have a tough time being proud of my own accomplishments.

I didn’t need to worry. There was nothing to lose, no pressure, and a pretty level playing field. That’s why Festivus was so perfect. I wasn’t competing against regionals athletes; I was using the event as an opportunity to push myself a little bit out of my comfort zone.

I’m on the upper end of the intermediate spectrum in terms of fitness, but my overall strength and my gymnastics definitely need work. Festivus motivated me to work on my weaknesses, shake off the nerves, and just go out there and perform.

The competition was made up of four WODs, plus the finals for the top five. (Check out the workouts here). I was 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 12th, which put me in sixth place out of 22 overall – just missing out on fighting for a spot in the top five in the final event. That was very disappointing (remember how I said my mental game needs some work?), but it was also motivating.

The second event (a one-rep max thruster) didn’t go great in terms of ranking, and the fourth/floater WOD (a 20-calorie row followed by max rep bench press at your chosen weight). It definitely reminded me that my strength is a limiting factor for me.

Still, I had an amazing time. Our host gym – Rocky Point CrossFit – was organized to the point of perfection. The event ran on time, was well judged, and had great energy. There were tons of PR’s and some pretty impressive times on the chipper.

My personal favourite moments?

  • Winning my heat in the first workout
  • Thruster PR at 125lbs, and power clean PR at 135lbs (couldn’t quite lock it out for the thruster)  
  • Support from my parents, lovely partner, friends, and Tactix family throughout the day
  • Hearing my competitors cheering me on and congratulating each other after every WOD
  • Watching the Masters’ athletes dominate the final workout

Plus, I celebrated afterwards with dinner and a cold beer with my family. What more could a girl ask for? (I mean, more beers, but that’s besides the point.)

If you’re thinking about competing on a team, do it. If you’re thinking about competing solo, do it. All you need is the desire to try your best, and get better. I promise you won’t regret it.